Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Tipping Scales

The Tipping Scales

The scales have tipped!
Finally they beeped
An annoymous 2-kilos
Jostling to say hellos

In frenzy mode the brain retrace
Possible culprits for the case
Muscle mass the mind consoles
Helps in reaching summit goals

The pants differ, it spills over!
Prata, choc-chips take cover
Midnight suppers I confess
Sweet indulgences for this mess

As the dessert crevasse beckons
And self-rescue will weakens
Retail therapy's worth a fling
Out I went to buy a purple sling

The scales have tipped!
I don't care if they don't dip
The next Oreo won't ring a bell
For in Nepal, I'll bid farewell....

Friday, April 15, 2005

It Only Gets Better

It Only Gets Better

I thought I was strong
But I was wrong
When I look in your face
My defenses melt

I thought I was upset
But not for long
When I stare in your eyes
My anger quells

The tenderness in your face
And love in your eyes
Will thaw my icy mask
And hush the raging gale

I close my eyes and yield
In your reassuring whispers
And shielding hugs
I surrender

It only gets better…