Sunday, May 27, 2007

Safra MF Ultra Run

Inaugural Safra MF-Ultra. 7hrs for us to complete as many rounds as possible. I'm writing this as a post-blog entry, even after 2 years of the event, the memories of the run are still as fresh. A random google search brought up a friend's chatroom posting of the results. That run was the first ever ultra that I did, and it remains one of the highlights of my running career (if that was ever a career to speak of....). I was amazed that I managed to clock 5 rounds, quite consistently. Still amazed today, especially when I struggle to power up 1-2 sets up the slopes! The 5loops MF-Ultra paved the way for more ultras to come - MRUltra and Sundown84. 2007 was an amazing running year for me. A special year in my heart. :)

Ladies Category
1 Yong Lai Chee 6 loops Total Time taken:6:11:59
2 Tan Sok Hwa 5 loops 5:33:22
3 Helen Cheah Soot Fong 5loops 5:39:42
4 Jancy Yap 5loops 5:40:41
5 Sim Phei Sunn 5loops 5:46:37

Men Category
1 Teng Teck Hou 6loops Total Time taken :5:32:09
2 How Choon Kiat 6 loops 5:56:28
3 Chow Tack Sing 6 loops 6:28:02
4 Tan Bak Hooi 5 loops 4:20:59
5 Sum Yew Wah Anthony 5loops 5:06:2

1 Team 1 7 loops 6:22:34
2 Team 4 7 loops 6:43:53
3 Team 6 6loops

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Muffins Spill

Muffins Spill

Muffins muffins on the spill
Reek of chocolates one too many
Peeping over my waistline seams
Hide and seek they seem to play
Light and fluffy pinchables
One more kg they taunt all day
Yet resistance is naught
For my sweet tooth beckons