Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trail Weekend

Saturday - had a make-up class at 10am. Squeezed in a 1.5h run around DF-ZH and home. Sort of enough to get the engine going and compensate for dinner yu-sheng later.

Sunday - hosting a lunch party so had to rush through a long run. Managed BT-MR round of 23km, and cut 5min off my usual time. The stress of having a 'deadline' to meet and get home.

More than my usual share of runs and trails for this entire CNY week. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Resuming Morning Runs

Ok not bad, I managed two consecutive morning runs this week. Yesterday and today. Let's see if I can keep it up for tomorrow.

For the two runs, I went around BB East Ave 6, past my old house to the park canal, then up Ngee Ann Poly and home. The short stretch from my place to the main road always smelt so fresh & sweet. I guessed I could have gone into the trails in the mornings too, but the tarmac clocked a longer distance over the same running duration. That route took 1:18h, I reckon it was about 12-13km going at 6min pace.

Plan for tomorrow is to do the shorter trail loop.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Exploring new trails

We managed to move into our new place on new year's eve and I just adore its location. I love it that I can just step out of the house and in 1:50min hit the trails. :) I love how the air is so fresh, and the surroundings so tranquil (I'm not one for noise and crowds). I explored the trails over a few weekends and loving it!

The trail from BT to MR is supposedly 10.9km one way. So a round trip would be about 22km. What I would do it run to MR, do a complete loop, and run home. I seemed to take forever for that distance! I averaged 2:45h, throw in a couple of toilet or water breaks and we are looking at a 3h run each time. Am I that slow? Once I attempted two loops in MR before heading home. It took me close to 4h!

There is another loop about 10+km which I do. It goes along the mountain bike trail at Dairy Farm, pitstop at the visitor centre toilet, cross to Zhenghua park, and back along Rifle Range Road. That takes me about 1:20h.

Then there is the usual tarmac road loop, which is about 1:20h too, but easier and longer. It should be about 12-13km.

I have also started to do lunges, push-ups and dips after each run. Hopefully they make me stronger to tackle the trails!