Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Have Been Running...

Yes I know, silence for three months. But I've been running, just not been able to find the time to write. I finally have some respite now that school is over and work is winding down for the year.

Trying to do a massive recap and download of what happened in the past months.

The key event would be the annual TNF 50km race in Oct 2012. The weather was fabulous this year ... but! I still cramped. At the same area each year, around Rifle Range Road, approximately 40km +/-. Each year, without fail. Sigh. Despite that, I managed to clock my PB for this race, so I was rather satisfied.

That night after the race, I flew to Brazil with a colleague. Trapped in the 20-odd hour flight, my feet swelled like trotters. People tell me that Rio is a beautiful city, and we were staying on the Ipanema Beach - the place where songs are composed after. A popular running area was along the 12km coastal front. I did that for a couple of mornings, can't say that I enjoyed the runs though. Firstly, I must declare that I do not like running on an endless pavement by the beach (I love trails). Secondly, The morning sun was really blazing - the sun there at 7am felt like the sun in Singapore at 10am.

I kept up with my morning and weekend runs, not as much as I would like to though. Had a few days of study leave in Nov and managed to squeeze in long runs each day. Great way to de-stress and recall my readings.

Then it is off to Nepal for a Chulu East climb - miss the mountains already!