Sunday, August 28, 2011

Desperation Drives Speed

Moody after a week of lacklustre morning runs and one evening run. Engine would not start up, or I woke up late etc.

Made it to MR prior to a dinner gathering. A friend lived next to MR so I timed the run to finish at her place. Completed 2 rounds, approx. 1:10h each. Then dashed through the Northern Trail and back, about 6km. I literally flew down the slopes in a bid to get out before it got dark. There were still some people strolling and jogging, but it was getting harder to see the rocks clearly. Can't recall the last time I 'let go' on the slopes, but it was great fun by the way. Hunger and desperation notwithstanding. :)

Ran a total of 26km.

Sunday, August 21, 2011 Trail

Lost count of the various morning runs in the week. Succeeded in running a 31.5km (3 loops) in MR but got plenty of sports bra abrasion as a result. I think I took about 1:15h per loop and finished in 4h, inclusive of toilet breaks. My Asics trails are getting softer and falling apart soon.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly Runs

Managed to squeeze in two short runs before my weekend trail. Legs started off heavy, but typically eased off after 30min into the runs.

Friday - usual 10+km route. So hot!

Saturday - did not get to hit the trail in the morning, so headed out for a pre-dinner run, about 12km. Just in time for a good meal. :)

Sunday - die-die had to get to MR trails today, albeit late at 10am. Nonetheless, ran my normal route, and then the reverse way. 20km. Sweltering heat and humidity! It only cooled off a little after midnoon, when the cloud covers came in. Luckily, I did not chance upon any reptiles today. Only a small cutie squirrel. But I met a caucasian guy on his MTB as I was ending my run, and promptly told him no bikes allowed. Geez, don't people read signages?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slow Easy Evening Run

Legs refused to move this evening. I did a short 5km loop around MF before continuing with the Safra route for tonight. An easy 10km to Fort Canning and back. It felt kinda stressful to be running with a group, even though I did not attempt to keep pace. But still, I was more used to my morning solo runs, at my own pace and cadence.

At dinner, we picked up an abandoned black hamster from the hawker centre. Told Alber to buy a 20c plastic food container and put it in. Haha. Brought it home, bathed, fed and housed it in a fully-equipped hamster cage! Oh, the life (of the hamster)! Everyone went gaga, wondering if it was a rat or hamster. But it was too tame and slow to be a rat. Ahh, a rat would never be caught, and if placed on the hawker centre chair, would have jumped off instantly. Oh well, a new addition. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

National Day Trail Galore

Had a whack of a time in the trails today. 3 loops of MR = 31.5km. Yoohoo! Managed a fairly constant pace of 1:15h per loop. The nagging tightness on my left knee was much better. I think I should work on some strength-training on my quads and hamstring muscles. Legs felt a little wobbly as I jumped around the rocks.

Half of Singapore was probably out hiking at MR today, it was so crowded and I had to zig-zag around people all the way. The crowd only thinned on my last loop, which was close to noon. But the crowd also meant that there were no snake today. Whew!

Ahh, life is good with lots of trail. Happy national day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Snake Sighting

Ok I 'fess up. Over-ran this week. Ran every morning Mon - Fri and finally the trails on Sat.

Mon - 11km
Tue - 11km
Wed - 11km
Thu - 14km
Fri - 11km
Sat - MR 21km

Total mileage of 79km.

After the MR trails, I could feel a little strain on my right shin. Time to rest on Sunday.

I had another snake sighting in the trails today. I ran and interrupted a snake fight. A beautiful rich-blue-coloured with red outline snake was snarling and attacking a wiry thin brown one. Both snakes slithered off in opposite direction as people approached, and parted company. I thought the blue one was kinda beautiful, until one uncle next to me said nonchalantly, "That is a very poisonous snake, one bite and....." *gulp* Oops. So much for pretty colours attracting prey!

Running on....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Morning Legs

Ah ha! Managed to head out for runs on Monday and Tuesday. Legs felt kinda heavy though, possibly after the long runs over the weekend. Monday was a drag, and I had to get to office early. Incredibly started my run at 6am, self-pat. Today felt better. After a while, my legs just carried on with their own rhythm and my mind was able to wander off to other issues. About 11km each morning. Target for tomorrow is a longer distance! :)