Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Long Run is Like Eating Sashimi

I think this would be my last longish run before the HK100.

Lazily woke up at 9am, ate a little bun, and started my run before 10am. The trail has somewhat dried by then, and it was not splish-splash-muddy. I managed to clear two loops in MR and head back. Shoes relatively dry and intact. Bumped into Yihui, Jane and Li Hui separately. Good to see the girls again, all looking so cheerful.

This formula of mine seems to work so far. Buying a milo from the vending machine on my second loop and drinking it before heading home. I have not 'hit the wall' or bonked yet on my last couple of 30+km runs.

My route goes something like this:
1. Run from home to Rifle Range to MR
2. Head to the Ranger Station to top-up water
3. Run back towards the Jelutong Tower and wooden boardwalk to complete the loop.
4. Pit-stop at Visitor Centre, toilet and top-up water
5. Continue to Ranger Station, top-up water
6. Continue on 2nd loop
7. Pit-stop at Visitor Centre, toilet and top-up water, and buy a pack of Milo :)
8. Continue to Ranger Station, top-up water
9. Turn out to Bukit Timah, down Rifle Range, and home.

That would be about 32-33km.

It suddenly occurred to me during the run, the reason why I love my long slow runs. I have always wondered, is it 'wrong' not to want speed, or is it 'lazy' not to push my pace and breathe hard? There is always that guilt element, like why is my timing not improving, or how come everyone else is getting faster or overtaking me....

Then it sort of hit me that I actually enjoy my LSDs. A long, slow run is like having a large plate of sashimi, to be savoured slowly, piece by piece, and step by step. One does not devour all the fish at one go. The satisfaction comes from slowly chewing and feeling each sashimi slice melt in your mouth. Just as there is happiness in hearing the steady crunch of every foot step and going through each step. The longer I run in comfort (= not panting), the happier I get. I must be weird..... but happy. :)

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