Saturday, January 12, 2013

Venus Trail Part II

Did not run as much this week.

Thurs - morning drizzle was the perfect excuse not to run. In the evening, it was a rush and by the time I got to the club, I could barely squeeze in 1h of run. Did two loops around Telok Blangah St 31 at a slightly faster pace than usual.

Fri - refused to wake up in the morning. Bummer...

Sat - ran to MR and explored the Venus Trail. Along the way there was a fork and the trail branched into two paths. Last weekend I followed the left path to the open carpark. So today I decided to take the right path and see where it would lead me to. I did not look at the map, but had a hunch that it was a loop. It was a relatively undisturbed little path. There were 3 photographers and no one else. I must have disturbed the peace because I could hear a lot of scrambling sounds to the sides as my footsteps approached. At one point, I looked up and saw a tupai (tiny squirrel) running across a branch that was just over my head! :)

The trail ended at an opening to a grass field. Down the slope to my left was the same open carpark where I was last week. To my front were a couple of nice huge bungalows ahead. I spotted two exercise machines at the window of one house, positioned to face the greenery. Nice. My hunch was correct, the entire Venus Drive trail was a loop which led to the open carpark.

Happy with my little discovery, I ran back to MR and continued my way home.

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